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:) Hi! I'm Melissa.

First and foremost, you are a stunning human being. You were put on this earth for a reason, and you have every right to be here. You're truly beautiful, and are worth so much more than you know.

...and no matter what, PLEASE remember my ask box is always open. Drop a message, anonymous or not, about absolutely anything. I'm here for you. If you're suffering, feel alone, or just want to talk, I'll be right by your side. <3
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  1. Outside Looking In - Jordan Pruitt.

    Now, I don’t give two shits that this is a “disney channel” song, or that it’s totally outdated and old. It’s such a relatable song; it honestly perfectly describes my life and probably many other peoples’ right now pretty much. And it’s overall actually a really good song.

    That’s one of the most beautiful things about music. It can be something awesome that you can dance to and have fun with, or it can be something you can cry yourself to sleep to. It’s one of the best ways to know that if you find a song that describes your situation, that you’re never alone. There will always be other people listening to it that go through the same struggles you deal with every day.

    If you could read my mind
    You might see more of me than meets the eye
    And you’ve been all wrong
    Not who you think I am
    You’ve never given me a chance.

    You don’t know how it feels
    To be outside the crowd
    You don’t know what it’s like
    To be left out
    And you don’t know how it feels
    To be your own best friend
    On the outside looking in

    Well, I’m tired of staying at home
    I’m bored and all alone
    I’m sick of wasting all my time.

  2. "Outside Looking In" - No Ordinary Girl - Jordan Pruitt
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    If you could read my mind You might see more of me than meets the eye And you’ve been all wrong Not who you think I am...
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    I used to love this song when I was a kid. I remember I had like my first iPod and I gave my mom an earphone to listen...
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